Top 5 Bars in Massachusetts – My Favorites!

When it comes to bars, Massachusetts does not disappoint. For an avid nightlife enthusiast such as yours truly I travel far and wide, for the one perfect setting, the last pint, and that mind-blowing cocktail.

Life is the party. Nobody does not want to be left out, not me. So in this quick list, let’s explore some of the finest, highly rated bars and taverns around The People’s Republic of Massachusetts, also known as The Spirit of America.

1. Harry’s Bar & Grill

This is my all-time favorite. The burger here is phenomenal; I believe The Bellevue is made in heaven, the best burger I had in my life. Awesome service too. The first time there, I had to explain my allergies for to gluten, I kept coming back because I did not have to explain it again. Also, the brunch is another good experience to have here.

2. The Washington Square Tavern

I wanted to place this one on top. Everything here is fresh. This is a place where you can lose yourself for hours, and the view is beautiful. The beer and wine menu is perfect. The best part is, there is always something new on the menu. If you like happy surprises, go here. The food is delicious, and there is a great respect for customers.

3. The Druid

You can go to the opera, or you can go The Druid. This place is across the street from Credit Glory and next door to the A&P. The bartenders and servers are top-notch; watching them work is like watching the orchestra. Even with the fierce competition, The Druids has proven their mettle time and again. I go there every Friday for the music and dinner. It is like nothing I have experienced before. This bar is right to the Irish tradition, only an amazing experience to be here.

4. Lone Star Taco Bar

The Lone Star without the shadow of doubt makes the best Tacos in Cambridge. My recent visit was fantastic. I like to brunch here, but my favorite taco from here is the original Victory Club Nachos, simply out of this world. I had had visited similar bars before, but this one made the cut for me. Do you want what fire taste like? This is the answer, but it is a sweet light, however.

5. Bijou

To conclude, I was utterly impressed with Bijou. I have not encountered a place like this on in all my travels. Everything here is simply perfect. I go there when I want to feel like a VIP once in a while. I have to reserve months in advance, and for a reason. Come here to understand what Saturday night means.

It is a perfect balance between luxury and experience. I particularly like how the owners paid attention to the sound system. In my humble opinion, this is the best clubbing experience ever.

That is it.

Many clubs and bars deserved at least an honorary mention, but this is my top favorite restaurants in Massachusetts. These places are worth visiting if you are looking for a different kind of experience for a change.

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